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Woodworking Articles

Throughout my career as a woodworker, spanning both my hobbyist and professional years, I have had the honor and pleasure of both teaching and writing articles on various woodworking topics. In this section I will collect those articles and compile them into four volumes:

1) Finishing & Refinishing,
2) General Woodworking,
3) Cabinetmaking and
4) Woodturning.

The Finishing & Refinishing articles are the most numerous since that subject has held my interest from my earliest days as a woodworker. I still recall the finish I applied to my first woodworking project in Lloyd Near's 7th grade shop class; a simple skirt hanger for my mother, finished with shellac and hand rubbed with pumice until the surface was glass smooth.

These articles reflect my experiences and observations. From time to time I will add to this collection as I continue to explore and (hopefully) to learn. Whatever I may have to offer in these articles is simply my attempt to share with other woodworkers the fruits of my God given vocation. Your comments, suggestions and questions are, of course, welcome.

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Finishing & Refinishing

Basic Finishing

What Is A Woodworker To Do? OK, What Is An Oil-Finish? Oil-Based Varnish Oil/Varnish Blends Marine Varnish "Water-Based" Finishes What is a "Sealer"? Applying Varnish with a Brush

Shellac Series

Introduction to Shellac Shellac, The Miracle Finish Mixing Shellac Making Shellac Pads Applying Shellac Repairing Shellac Grain-Filling with Shellac

Coloring Wood

Dyes, The Transparent Alternative to Stain Putting Color Back in Steamed Walnut Working With Water-Soluble Dyes Poplar to Cherry

Special Applications

Cutting Board Finish Raising The Grain Brush Care Finishing In A Cold Shop Workbench Finish What Is That Finish?

Paint & Painting

Paint On A Clear Finish Milk Paint Milk Paint Users, BEWARE!

"Water-Borne" Finishes

What Is A "Water-Borne" Finish Latex Paint?  Never!